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The history of the Fil au Chinois

historique_chinoisFrom the beginning until the twentieth century, Le Fil Au Chinois Was In France and in Europe, One Of The Most Famous Brand Yarn. For The Passion, The Brand Represents A Kind Of Myth. Wire In Chinese Pu Would Disappear, If Had Is Tough In The Will Of Two Industrial North: Olivier Toulemonde And Bruno Aware Of Small Part Of That Represents French Heritage Le Fil Au Chinois. For CalendarRetrouver Spirit And The Quality Of Packaging Who Have Made Success From Fil Au Chinois, or proceeding They Of Complicity In Frédérique Crestin-Billet, And Passionate Collector Herself On The Origin Of The Renaissance De La Marque Sajou. Brand Was Filed In Chinese, in November 1847, by François Philibert Vrau Who Had His Company FouCalendarnded Lille OF A Vingtaine years past. Was this deposit Motivated By A New Way To Present The Wire: The pregnant Balls In Rows And Label In The Boxes. The brand but the Chinese Will take Any Its Measurement In The 1850s, with the arrival De Philibert Vrau, Son Of Former. The Little Ordinary People Mena A Life Out Of Joint. Single By Choice, Philibert Vrau (1829-1905) Had To Do To Stop Operate At Its Best Sales Company, she Clears Way Of The Profits Reinvested Immediately Quantity In On Social works. From the Figure, the remarkable Employers Lille, It Was, From Other, Principal Founder Of Icam, Catholic Institute Of Arts And Crafts De Lille. For That Is In The Conduct Of The House Vrau He Fit Proof On Incredible Sense of Business. Success Is his copy, Especially If One Knows That He devoted Never Do The Totality Of His Time. And Success Was Au Rendez-Vous: The Annual Sales, De 282,000 boxes in 1864 Skip To Go 1.950.000 boxes in 1875. If One Knows That box contains 48 Balls In boite250 Meters, This Represents, the Strongest In Sale 93 million Balls, Or, At the time, Three Balls And Wire For French per Year! Then, As In Many Other Brands Du Nord De La France, Le Fil Au Chinois had a long Period Of Decline: Arrival Of Sewing Machines In The Hearth First, Porta A Coup Rude Who’s Using Wire Du Lin, difficulties Industrial, Commercial Policy Unadapted while … What Production From Fil Au Chinois Do Cesare De Lower, interest For All Promotional Products And Productions was increasing Old In The Heart Of Collectors. Wire In The Name Of Chinese Date time where, in France ragedboite2 Fashion From Orientalism. For this interest Orient Became Very Popular With Shipping From Egypt Driving In 1798 By Bonaparte (Napoleon Future). The Conquest Of The Algeria For France (1830) and Twenty-Five Years Later For Opening Of China And Japan’s served to confirm this interest. The Birth of the Brand Chinoiss’inscrit Exactly What It Cultural Movement. The idea and Was It Good For Permit On The Creation And Easily Identifiable became Mythical Characters.